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Quotes To think About

There is something about a short inspirational quote that just gets to people.  They can be as brief as two words or as long as a four sentence paragraph.  When formulated correctly, a quote can make us think, laugh, cry, or motivate us.  In the interest of the workplace, these are quotes meant to boost […]

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Stress on the body

Stress. Ever heard of it? While some might assume that stress is a “given” these days in our always-have-our-phones, work-60-hours-a-week, go-go-go culture … it’s actually one of the biggest dangers out there right now. Why? Well for one, our bodies weren’t built to handle the high amounts of stress most of us carry each day. […]

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It’s Hot. Drink Water. Hydration Tips

Depending on where you’re located within the country, you may be a little … hot this summer. Most of our country has seen record-breaking temps this summer, and with it just now being August, more hot days are ahead. If you’re in some of these unusually warm climates right now, make sure to take measures […]

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