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Small Group Communication

There are some folks that work best on their own.  Their task is assigned.  They go at it with no teammates distracting them.  Who knows?  Perhaps they string together something magical. However in the workplace, many times you have to work as a team. Groups are often a part of the culture of an office. […]

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Should workplace wellness incentives stay a mystery?

I was talking with a friend the other day and somehow the attention got redirected to his shoe. He had a small, black plastic devise weaved into his top shoelace and when I asked about it, he said it was “for work.” While at first I thought it was a new contraption for house arrest, […]

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Break the Fast, Eat Breakfast

It’s 7 am.  Your alarm seems louder than ever, even though it’s just as loud as the day before.  You get up, stumble to the bathroom, and look hazily into the mirror before hopping in the shower.  By the time you get in the car for your morning commute, you’re not fully awake and when […]

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