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Promote Your Wellness Program

Do you offer a wellness program?  Do your employees know about it?  ARCpoint Labs, a walk-in laboratory that offers Corporate Wellness Testing programs, works with many clients who find that their employees don’t take full advantage of healthy initiatives. If you’re figuring out how to get your wellness programs in front of your employees, here […]

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40 Things To Say Before You Die

If you missed Forbes’ “40 Things To Say Before You Die” last week, you should go check that out as soon as you’re done reading this. Workplace wellness encompasses many things. While our wellness centers can perform your lab work to see if you’re physically healthy – mental health (especially among employees) is just as […]

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Fight the Flu Before it gets You!

You know it is cold and flu season around the office. You can hear the sneezes down the hall, the coughing in the cubicle next to you and the nose blowing as co-workers pass your desk. Yuck! Germs are everywhere! This season, be prepared before you hear the first sneeze that sounds the germ alarms! […]

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