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10 Simple Changes for a Healthier Workplace

keep it simple office

Life at the office often gets complicated. We all need the occasional reminder to keep things simple. So, here are some quick tips for creating a better workplace. 1) Sit on an exercise ball Sitting on an exercise ball at your desk will reduce lower back pain. As you engage your core to stay balance, […]

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Summer Workplace Leagues

Business man basketball

In the midst of signing up your kids for summer baseball leagues, swimming lessons and ballet class, you might find yourself getting a little jealous. Playing on a team and practicing a sport are common activities until about our late teens. When you started your career, however, the chance for organized sports slipped away. Most […]

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Wake up on the wrong side of the bed?

alarm clock early morning

How many cups of coffee do you pour before 9:00 am? If you’re at all like me, the coffee pot is your best friend in the morning. Sometimes the 6:30 am alarm does not sit well. We all know how a bad morning can affect the entire day. If you find yourself sluggish at the […]

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