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Vending Machine Transformation: Healthy Snacks at Work

vending machine healthy snacks

Snacking is a regular part of the day for most people. What’s the fastest way to grab a snack to cure your hunger? The trusty vending machine is one of the quickest ways to access food — there is sure to be a vending machine nearby, no matter where you are. If we know anything […]

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Managing Fall Allergies in the Workplace

fall allergies at work

Many adults experience fall allergies. The fall season brings several allergens. As the temperature drops, you may find yourself stocking up on tissues. Walking around the office in the fall does not usually paint a picture of health. Instead, you’ll notice workers sniffling, sneezing and rubbing itchy eyes. Fall allergies can be a miserable experience, […]

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Take a Break! Why Breaks are Necessary this Fall Season

The winter and fall seasons are characterized by cooler temperatures and fewer hours of daylight. The shift from summer to fall can be startling for some people who are used to the sunshine. The “winter blues” aren’t just a myth; the decrease in sunshine actually affects us. Sunshine lifts your mood and boosts your immune […]

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