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Get Quicker Results For Your Workplace Wellness Testing

ARCpoint Labs | Get Quicker Results For Your Workplace Wellness Testing

Good news for employers who use wellness lab testing as a part of their workplace wellness programs — a new federal rule has granted patients quicker access to their lab results. What does this mean for your business? ARCpoint Labs has the details.

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How to Deal With an Employee’s Eating Disorder

ARCpoint Labs | How to Deal With an Employee's Eating Disorder

As we shared last week, February is Eating Disorders Awareness month. Not only is this a time for friends and families of people with eating disorders to educate themselves on the damaging effects of these diseases — it’s also a time for the employers of eating disorder patients to consider how they can best support […]

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Eating Disorders & the Workplace: Impacts & Signs

ARCpoint Labs | Eating Disorders & the Workplace: Impacts & Signs

February is National Eating Disorders Awareness month, which makes it a great time for your workplace to consider how eating disorders might be affecting your employees. Although eating disorders are often stigmatized or thought of as a personal — not a professional — problem, the truth is that like other illnesses, eating disorders do affect […]

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Health Monitoring Devices in the Workplace?

ARCpoint Labs | Workplace Wellness & Health Monitoring Devices

Workplace wellness programs, particularly those with disease-management portions, have a proven track record. How can employees hope to top that success? According to some, the next step in workplace wellness programs is the addition of wearable health monitoring devices. What is this new technology and how can it work for your company’s wellness program? Here […]

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