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This Stress Awareness Month, Encourage Good Mental Health At Work!

ARCpoint Labs | Mental Health & Workplace Wellness

April is the official Stress Awareness Month, dedicated to highlighting how detrimental stress can be and publicizing stress reduction tips to improve mental health. As an employer or HR manager, part of your job must involve caring about the mental health of your employees. After all, a happy, healthy employee is best for your company! […]

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STDs, Sexual Health, & Workplace Wellness

ARCpoint Labs | Sexual Health & Workplace Wellness

For the average workplace, sex isn’t a topic that’s usually breached. But there is a time, a place, and a need for sex talk at the office — in your workplace wellness program. April is officially STD Education & Awareness Month. While you might think that your work force is old enough to understand the […]

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Creating an Effective Alcohol Policy for Your Workplace

ARCpoint Labs | Create an Effective Alcohol Policy for Your Workplace

Both on- and off-the-clock alcohol use can be damaging to your company and your employees’ health. That’s why it’s key for employers to acknowledge the dangers of alcohol in relation to the workplace. One of the best ways to safeguard your business against alcohol abuse is to create and implement an effective workplace alcohol policy. […]

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How to Incorporate Cancer Awareness in Your Workplace Wellness Program

ARCpoint Labs | Cancer & Workplace Wellness

April is Cancer Control Month, and April 1 – 7 is Testicular Cancer Awareness Week — so the time is right for employers to prioritize cancer awareness in workplace wellness programs. You may feel that your employees don’t need programming about cancer, either because they are young and healthy or because they surely already know […]

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