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Should I Drug Test Temporary Summer Employees?

ARCpoint Labs | Should I Drug Test Summer Employees?

For many businesses, including theme parks, pools, community centers, educational camps, and more, summer means an increase in customers, which in turn means the need for more workers. Due to the temporary nature of summer employees, many companies probably don’t follow the same hiring protocols as they would with traditional employees. References may go unchecked, […]

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Weight Loss, Stroke, & High Blood Pressure: How Workplace Wellness Can Help

ARCpoint Labs Weight Loss, Stroke, & High Blood Pressure

Among May’s many health designations, the month is known for High Blood Pressure and Stroke Awareness. These ailments should be concerns for any Americans, but especially older populations, as risk increases with age. Fortunately, a good workplace wellness program should give any employee the needed support to lower high blood pressure and mitigate stroke risks. […]

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Whys and Hows for Getting Better Sleep

ARCpoint Labs | Getting Better Sleep

Do work deadlines keep you up at night? Do you drag yourself to work bleary-eyed and down countless cups of coffee? Now’s the time to reverse those habits. May is Better Sleep Month, so it’s time to improve your sleep schedule. Getting better sleep will have big impacts on your mind and body. Here’s why […]

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