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Incorporating Health Risk Management into Workplace Wellness

Health Risk Assessment Services for Workplaces

Across the United States, workplaces are taking advantage of Healthcare Risk Management Week to look at ways to help manage health risks. ARCpoint Labs wants to join you in exploring how Health Risk Assessments can be a powerful tool in your quest for a healthy work environment.

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Top Men’s Health Issues to Focus on in Your Workplace Wellness Program

ARCpoint Labs | Top Men's Health Issues

Across the nation, Men’s Health Week is in full swing. From June 9 – 15, ARCpoint Labs is bringing attention to issues in men’s health. Today, we’re focusing on top men’s health issues and how you can address them in your workplace wellness program.

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Including Your Summer Interns in Your Workplace Wellness Program

ARCpoint Labs | Summer Interns & Workplace Wellness

Although you may think of summer interns as a temporary solution, in order for them to become an asset to your company, they should be more incorporated into your workplace. This not only includes conducting drug testing on summer employees as a part of your drug-free workplace policy — it also means involving your summer […]

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