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What to Do When Your Workplace Wellness Program Isn’t Succeeding

ARCpoint Labs | Fix Your Workplace Wellness Program

Creating and implementing a workplace wellness program is a big step for your company. You invest time, money, and effort into getting the program off the ground. There’s management training, employee education, health screening programs, and more involved. That’s why it can be such a headache when it seems like your workplace wellness program isn’t […]

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What Your Workplace Wellness Program is Missing – And Why You Need to Add it Now

ARCpoint Labs | The Flu Vaccine & Workplace Wellness

When’s the last time your employees visited a doctor to get a shot? Chances are most of your work force doesn’t know and hasn’t kept up-to-date with their immunization records. As an employer, you might think that an employee’s vaccination status is none of your business –  but when diseases like the flu take a […]

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Just Joining the Workforce? See Our Tips to Stay Healthy at Work

ARCpoint Labs | Stay Healthy at Work

In fall, a number of recent college graduates often start their careers. It’s easy for those new to the workforce to prioritize their job and let their own health fall to the wayside. After all, adjusting to a new workplace can be challenging for even the most seasoned worker — it’s even more challenging when […]

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Involve Your Employees’ Family in Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness for Families

National Kids Day took place this Sunday, bringing to mind the importance of maintaining good health not just for your employees but for their families as well. There is a strong relationship between the health of your employees’ families and the amount of productivity you can expect from your employees. The CDC reports that healthy […]

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