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How Can Genetic Testing Play Into Workplace Wellness?

Since October is Family History Month, ARCpoint Labs is exploring some of the ways genetic testing can be used by individuals who want to learn more about their family health history and hereditary health risks. As an employer, it’s key that you’re aware of limitations like the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, or GINA, that prevent […]

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Don’t Think Getting a Flu Shot is Necessary? Here’s Why You’re Wrong.

ARCpoint Labs | Why Getting a Flu Shot Makes Sense

With so much focus on other viruses in the news — including Ebola, which has officially arrived in the United States, and Enterovirus D-68, which has impacted 628 people in 44 states as of October 7th, most of them children — many people are forgetting one virus that is guaranteed to affect at least one person […]

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