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Promoting Sexual Health in the Workplace

Work Meeting

In most workplaces, sex talk is a big no-no. But did you know there’s a time and a place for sex in the workplace? We’re referring to sexual health, of course. As an employer, it’s in the best interest of your company to address sexual health in your workplace wellness program. With a few major […]

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Improve Your Thyroid Health With These Foods


The food you put in your body isn’t just made for satisfying cravings — it’s made to provide your body with the energy it needs to properly function. Since it’s Thyroid Awareness Month, we are exploring some foods you can add to your diet to better support thyroid function.

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4 Workplace Wellness Trends to Watch for in 2015

Standing Desk

We’re only two weeks into 2015, but at ARCpoint Labs, we’re thinking about the big picture. Forward-thinking is a key part of workplace wellness; it’s all about helping your employees discover their health risks so they can take the right preventative measures and make positive lifestyle changes to ensure a longer life. Today, we’re outlining the […]

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