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Caffeine Alternatives for Your Employees

Drinking Water

People rely on coffee or other caffeine alternatives to get through the day. Unfortunately, most of these coffee drinkers are addicted to caffeine and may find it difficult to operate without it. Being hooked on caffeine is not just in the drinker’s imagination, says a new study published by Johns Hopkins Medical School. The study […]

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How Companies Can Help Employees Achieve Work-Life Balance

Happy Workers

Of all the challenges employees face, work life balance is among the hardest. With April being Work Life Enrichment Month and Stress Awareness Month, we found it fitting to address the subject and provide viable solutions for companies like yours to provide to employees hoping to stress less and breathe more. Here are some of […]

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Is Your Business Using Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) Effectively?

When a person resolves to get healthier, where do they begin? For the couch potato who is thinking of changing their life that’s a difficult question to answer. As an employer, you should want your workforce to address their health problems. One of the most effective ways to do so is through health risk assessments, […]

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Easy Workplace Wellness for Office-Bound Employees


Despite the necessity of earning a paycheck, working can be detrimental to your health. That’s especially true if you’re required to sit for hours. While in this day and age, you may not be able to leave your computer behind, there are adjustments you can make to enhance your workplace wellness in an office setting.

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