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Tips for Your Wellness Program

A wellness program is a great perk for employees, and it benefits employers too. That’s because healthy employees tend to be absent less. However, getting a wellness program up and running is no small feat. Making it an effective program that most workers are participating in is even trickier. Here are some tips on creating […]

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Why Walking Meetings Should be the Next Big Thing in Workplace Wellness

Walking Meeting

Few things are an adequate substitute for an in-person meeting. However, research suggests that a walking meeting might be the better way to generate creative ideas. This concept runs contrary to the accepted meeting mode that involves sitting around a table, but the sit-down meeting is actually a much newer invention than many realize. Not […]

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Why Some People Think Workplace Wellness Programs Aren’t Fair

Wellness Testing

Most people can agree that workplace wellness programs are an excellent idea. Employees who participate in workplace wellness activities are generally more satisfied with their work and tend to lead healthier lives. However, some organizations are running into problems because they require health tests in connection with their workplace wellness program. ARCpoint Labs is definitely […]

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Does Your Workplace Wellness Program Do a Good Job of Helping With Heart Health?

Heart Health

The goal of any workplace wellness program is to improve the health of employees, which in turn cuts costs and leads to more productivity. According to the American Heart Association, though, many workplace wellness programs are failing to improve one key part of employees’ wellness: heart health. Here’s what HR managers and workplace wellness leaders […]

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