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Forget Standing Desks – Here’s the New Future of Workplace Wellness

Standing Desks

For a while, standing desks have taken the forefront of workplace wellness equipment, seeming to be a logical way to get workers up on their feet. As we recently shared, both sitting for too long and standing for too long can be equally bad for your health, which puts the effectiveness of standing desks alone in question. […]

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Healthcare Workers not Taking Sick Days Despite Patient Risk

Many healthcare workers such as physicians and advanced practice clinicians (APC), registered nurse practitioners, physicians assistants and midwives reported to work while sick, fully realizing that their patients could be at risk according to a small JAMA Pediatrics survey conducted online.  Working While Sick for Patients to Be Well The survey found that while most people […]

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Which is Worse: Sitting or Standing in the Workplace?

One workplace wellness component we’ve written about extensively deals with sedentary employees. We are big fans of encouraging your workers to get up and move, whether through standing desks and pedometers or through walking meetings. However, like any wellness initiative, it is possible to take standing at work too far. According to research published in Human Factors […]

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High Stress Linked to Mental Disorders

More Job Demands Can Mean More Sick Days Employees with high job demands and high job strain are more prone to mental disorders and resulting in increased absence and sick leave according to a study in the August Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Lisa Mater, MMSc, of Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, and colleagues used data collected from […]

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