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Fact or Fiction: Is Coffee Really Good for You?

As you may have heard, today is International Coffee Day! The question is: to sip, or not to sip? Traditional wisdom has told us that drinking coffee is unhealthy, but the many different coffee-related studies in the news in recent years have many coffee lovers rejoicing over the supposed health benefits of drinking a daily […]

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Is it Time to Evaluate Your Workplace Wellness Program?

Workplace Wellness

Once a new and seemingly “trendy” benefit, workplace wellness programs have proved their longevity. Employees have grown to embrace and expect wellness initiatives, and more and more companies  are offering programs that improve employee health in order to stay competitive and improve their overall workforce. However, it’s important that your business doesn’t just adopt wellness initiatives and […]

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Telehealth Programs: the Future of Employee Healthcare?


As healthcare costs rise and more and more Americans grow frustrated at the expense and inconvenience of receiving medical care in the US, ARCpoint Labs has diversified and furthered our commitment to empower individuals to improve their health. Our Telehealth Services program is a direct reflection of this commitment, a program we are proud to […]

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Eating Well at Work: Getting in Your 5 Servings of Fruits & Veggies

Fruits & Veggie

Everyone knows that diet is a huge part of health and wellness. For most people in the workforce, though, it’s hard to eat well when your day is spent chasing deadlines, sitting in meetings, and making phone calls. For the working folk who want to lower their cholesterol, improve their BMI, and just generally get […]

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