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What Do You Do to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Workplace Wellness Program?

Evaluating Wellness

Last month, we shared details on when and how you might want to evaluate your workplace wellness program. Now, we have some data from a recent survey that shows what many employers actually examine when looking at their wellness initiatives for some insight into what performance indicators are best.

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Research Shows Workplace Wellness Programs can Cut Short-Term Disability Claims & Employee Absences

Workplace Wellness

More great news for fans of workplace wellness looking to prove that it really does have a valuable ROI: recent data is supporting just that, showing that an effective workplace wellness program can cut short-term disability claims and lower employee absenteeism. The catch? For programs to really be effective, top management needs to buy-in. Read up […]

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Finding the Energy to Get Through the Workday


Do you find yourself yawning and 2 PM? Slogging your way through the morning meeting? Needing a nap when you finally get home? Finding the energy to make it through the workday can be difficult. Here are our tips for harnessing enough so you can get more done!

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Are Treadmill Desks Really That Effective?

Treadmill Desks

  As all-around fans of workplace wellness, we spend lots of time monitoring the health initiatives and wellness trends that arise every few years. One of the biggest developments in workplace wellness, the treadmill desk, has grown popular in the last few years, with manufacturers releasing new models and workplaces embracing the new work stations. […]

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