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Want Healthier Employees? It Might be Time to Reevaluate Your Work Day


Many employers take strides to make their workforce healthier, from offering on-site flu shots to hosting health fairs to encouraging employees to be more active. While we definitely encourage employers to make these steps and improve their workplace wellness programs, there’s another aspect that should be considered: the length of the work day. Many people […]

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Wellness for the Holidays

The holiday season is filled with family time and fun, but also stress and unhealthy habits. Help your workplace stay healthy through the holidays with these wellness tips: Encourage Healthy Habits It’s hard to eat healthy during the holidays, but it’s not impossible. Countering holiday treats with healthy snacks helps to balance out your diet. Rather […]

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5 Healthy Habits You Want Workers to Have

Every employer should know that healthy employees equal happy employees, and happy employees mean happy customers. When your staff is in good health, they miss fewer days due to illness, have fewer scheduled doctor’s appointments and they experience increased overall life satisfaction. 1. Keep their posture in check. Encourage employees to consider sitting on fitness […]

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Fighting the Flu in Your Workplace

Flu at Work

It’s that time of year again, when the temperatures start dropping and the office grows deserted. When presents aren’t the only thing given — germs are, too. That’s right: flu season is almost upon us, and as an employer, it should be your priority to prevent the illness from pervading your workplace. Today, we’re sharing our […]

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