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How to Fight Back Pain

It seems like every profession, at one time or another, produces back pain. Workers who do manual labor in industries such as warehousing, construction and manufacturing are constantly bending and twisting and putting their backs in compromising situations. When you throw heavy lifting into the mix, you get a recipe for spinal column disaster. Conversely […]

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Thyroid Awareness Month: Why Encourage Employees to Get Thyroid Screening

January is Thyroid Awareness Month, which brings the perfect opportunity for employers to encourage employees to get a thyroid screening as a part of their workplace wellness program. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland neck located in the base of the neck. Although it doesn’t tend to get much attention, this small gland actually has […]

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Cervical Health Awareness: The Importance of Testing & Vaccines

  Cervical Health Awareness Month is held in January to promote issues relating to cervical cancer, HPV, and the importance of getting tested regularly. Cervical Health Awareness Month provides the perfect opportunity for health organizations and individuals alike to spread the word about the importance of cervical health and for women to take the opportunity […]

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How to Get Remote Employees Engaged in Your Workplace Wellness Program

Working remotely is a trend that has taken off in the past few decades. With the convenience of the Internet for communication and getting work done from practically anywhere, many companies hire remote employees, whether they are full-time, part-time, or freelance. While this trend has many advantages, it can come with its problems as well. […]

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How to Help Employees Maintain a Healthy Weight at Desk Jobs


We have written about the drawbacks of a mostly sedentary life before. As an employer, helping your employees be more active is in your best interest, as sedentarism leads to several health risks that can ultimately cost you. Staying active is essential for maintaining a healthy weight, which also lowers health risks. Here are some […]

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