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Women: Know the Health Risks of Long Working Hours

Women's Health Risks

The downsides to working late are very obvious to many people: less time spent relaxing with friends and family, less time spent on hobbies or enjoyable activities, less time focusing on mental health and stress-relief, and less time for sleeping, exercising, and eating well, all of which are essential for maintaining health. But now there’s evidence […]

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The Benefits of a Biometric Screening for Employers

The benefits of biometric screening in the workplace are numerous. This is especially true if you have a corporate wellness program already in place. As an employer, you aren’t able to access the specific health data of your workforce due to privacy laws, but you can see an overview of  your entire company’s health. You’ll […]

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How Well Does Your Workplace Wellness Program Address Key Men’s Health Issues?

Men's Health

When it comes to men’s health issues, how well does your workplace wellness program fare? Does it address cardiovascular disease? What about lung cancer? These are men’s health issues that can pose a serious risk to the males in your workforce. If you do a good job of creating a proactive workplace wellness program, you might […]

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Why Include a Blood Drive in Your Workplace Wellness Program?

Why Include a Blood Drive

Most people think of workplace wellness, health fairs, health risk assessments, biometric screenings, and the like come to mind. It’s true that wellness programs are designed to make your employees healthier. But they can also include components that benefit the health of your community at large. One such component? A blood drive! If you’re wondering […]

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