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5 Rules of Engagement: Engaging Millennials in Wellness

When it comes to fostering employee fitness, motivation is key. If millennials aren’t as engaged in your wellness program as others, then you’re not alone. Use these five rules to engage younger workers in employee fitness. 1. Authenticity Millennials are suspicious of marketing ploys and pre-packaged goals. They’d rather see images that genuinely represent them […]

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Why Flexible Scheduling Might Help Employee – and Company – Health

While more companies are beginning to offer flexible scheduling options, the traditional 8:30 to 5:00 workday remains the standard. Employers tend to feel that keeping workers on identical, fixed schedules is easier for everyone. However, evidence suggests that flexible scheduling is healthier for employees and their employers.

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Why Employee Bonding is a Good Thing 

Employee Bonding

Building a strong, reliable workforce takes time and skill. Hard work can be stressful and draining, and for your company to succeed, you need a team that enjoys coming to to the office, collaborating, and helping everyone on the team succeed. That’s why it’s important to encourage employee bonding through meaningful conversations and activities. If you […]

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Why You Should Encourage Employees to Soak Up the Summer 

Encourage Employees to Soak Up the Summer

The work culture in America appears to place a premium on the employee who comes in early, goes home late and doesn’t vacation. However, studies suggest that this employee isn’t so much a candidate for a promotion as they are for a heart attack. The bottom line is that taking vacation time is vital not […]

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