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Offering Thyroid Testing to Your Employees During Thyroid Awareness Month

January is Thyroid Awareness Month, and this provides the perfect opportunity to offer thyroid testing to employees. Neither you nor your employees may be aware of the thyroid and its function, so it’s vital to take a moment to enhance thyroid awareness.

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Creating A Wellness Culture in the Workplace

The workplace has a significant impact on employee health. When wellness is emphasized, they feel better about their employer and themselves. This means that the workplace also benefits when a culture of wellness is promoted. Workers tend to be more productive and have fewer absences when their health is improved. Clearly, it’s in the best […]

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5 Tips on Holding a Weight Loss Challenge at Work for Diet Resolution Week

Weight loss is among the most popular resolutions. It’s also especially difficult to keep, especially for those who diet alone. Nonetheless, weight loss can lead to significant health improvement. Organizing a weight loss challenge at work is easier than you think. Use these steps to motivate workers to try a new diet.

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