What is Employee Biometric Testing?

An increasing number of employers are offering workplace wellness programs, and they are looking for ways to maximize participation. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is with biometric testing. Workplace lab testing can solve a multitude of issues and result in a healthier workforce.

What Is Biometric Testing?

Biometric testing almost always begins with a fasting blood test. The sample helps provide a baseline regarding the employee’s health. In addition, workers will be assessed for weight, height and body mass index and may complete aerobic fitness tests. This workplace lab testing provides information about the individual’s blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood glucose.

Why Workplace Lab Testing?

It’s convenient to have workplace lab testing done. Plus, any wellness program will be far more successful when participants have benchmark numbers. The results of the initial biometric testing tell the employee where their focus should be: on losing weight, eating healthier, quitting smoking or a combination of these and other efforts.

Employees Benefit from Biometric Testing

With ongoing biometric testing, participants can identify their risk for preventable conditions like heart disease and diabetes. As they use the results of the workplace lab testing to guide their efforts, they will feel better and miss fewer work days. They may never develop some of the most common diseases thanks to workplace lab testing.

Employers Benefit from Workplace Lab Testing

Biometric testing results tell employers where their focus should be when it comes to planning upcoming workplace wellness events. Moreover, companies may find that their healthcare costs diminish as the workforce gets healthier.

Encourage Participation

Employees can’t be forced to undergo biometric testing. However, it may be possible to encourage them with incentives like PTO, gifts and lowered insurance premiums. Look for creative ways to maximize participation to see the best results.

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