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Making the Right Choices for Kidney Health

Kidney disease is a serious issue and in the United States, more than 26 million adults are suffering from chronic kidney disease.  Kidney disease is most commonly linked to those people over the age of 60 and with diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure.  

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5 Tips on Holding a Weight Loss Challenge at Work for Diet Resolution Week

Weight loss is among the most popular resolutions. It’s also especially difficult to keep, especially for those who diet alone. Nonetheless, weight loss can lead to significant health improvement. Organizing a weight loss challenge at work is easier than you think. Use these steps to motivate workers to try a new diet.

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6 Easy Breakfast Options for Workers on the Go


There is a reason why experts say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It supplies the body which much needed fuel which in return helps you be healthier and more productive. Rather than run on an empty tank, why not indulge by fixing one of these six great breakfast for employees […]

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Finding the Energy to Get Through the Workday


Do you find yourself yawning and 2 PM? Slogging your way through the morning meeting? Needing a nap when you finally get home? Finding the energy to make it through the workday can be difficult. Here are our tips for harnessing enough so you can get more done!

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Eating Well at Work: Getting in Your 5 Servings of Fruits & Veggies

Fruits & Veggie

Everyone knows that diet is a huge part of health and wellness. For most people in the workforce, though, it’s hard to eat well when your day is spent chasing deadlines, sitting in meetings, and making phone calls. For the working folk who want to lower their cholesterol, improve their BMI, and just generally get […]

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Incorporating Nutrition Into Your Workplace Wellness Program

Business Woman

March is celebrated as National Nutrition Month, and it’s the ideal time for employers and employees to learn more about healthy eating. If your workplace currently has a wellness program or you are looking to add one, you might be interested in how nutrition can fit into your program. We have some tips for adding […]

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How to Make Your Workplace Wellness Program More Effective

Studies have shown that workplace wellness programs can be very effective, leading to lower healthcare costs and fewer trips to the doctor or hospital. It seems that workplaces are starting to realize the many benefits to workplace wellness programs, as evidenced by the higher number of companies who are offering financial incentives for participation. We’re […]

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Workplace Wellness for Women: How to Create a Program to Help Female Employees

ARCpoint Labs | Create Female-Friendly Workplace Wellness Programming

A workplace wellness program should be designed to appeal to all your employees. This means including programming that pertains to the women in your workforce. Women’s health is different than men’s, and your workplace wellness program must reflect this. In doing so, you’ll create a more supportive, productive environment for your female employees — always […]

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Just Joining the Workforce? See Our Tips to Stay Healthy at Work

ARCpoint Labs | Stay Healthy at Work

In fall, a number of recent college graduates often start their careers. It’s easy for those new to the workforce to prioritize their job and let their own health fall to the wayside. After all, adjusting to a new workplace can be challenging for even the most seasoned worker — it’s even more challenging when […]

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Incorporating Health Risk Management into Workplace Wellness

Health Risk Assessment Services for Workplaces

Across the United States, workplaces are taking advantage of Healthcare Risk Management Week to look at ways to help manage health risks. ARCpoint Labs wants to join you in exploring how Health Risk Assessments can be a powerful tool in your quest for a healthy work environment.

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