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5 Tips for Curbing the Holiday Potluck

Potlucks are a no-fuss solution for holiday entertaining. Unfortunately, they’re loaded with pitfalls for people who are dedicated to healthy eating. With so many dishes being loaded with fat or sugar, is it possible to stick to good nutrition? It is, if you follow these healthy eating tips.

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National Wear Red Day: Encourage Employees to Get Heart Health Testing

National Wear Red Day is this Friday, February 5. The day is meant to raise awareness about the dangers of heart disease and strokes for women, to raise funds for research to save women’s lives, and to encourage healthier living. Heart disease and strokes are often silent killers of women and result in the deaths of […]

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Does Your Workplace Wellness Program Do a Good Job of Helping With Heart Health?

Heart Health

The goal of any workplace wellness program is to improve the health of employees, which in turn cuts costs and leads to more productivity. According to the American Heart Association, though, many workplace wellness programs are failing to improve one key part of employees’ wellness: heart health. Here’s what HR managers and workplace wellness leaders […]

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