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Offering Thyroid Testing to Your Employees During Thyroid Awareness Month

January is Thyroid Awareness Month, and this provides the perfect opportunity to offer thyroid testing to employees. Neither you nor your employees may be aware of the thyroid and its function, so it’s vital to take a moment to enhance thyroid awareness.

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Improve Your Thyroid Health With These Foods


The food you put in your body isn’t just made for satisfying cravings — it’s made to provide your body with the energy it needs to properly function. Since it’s Thyroid Awareness Month, we are exploring some foods you can add to your diet to better support thyroid function.

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Do You Have a Thyroid Problem?

Thyroid – ever heard of it? A lot of people know it has something to do with the neck, or maybe even a gland, but that’s about it. However if you’ve ever had an issue with your thyroid, you know that it actually plays a large role in how you feel and your overall health […]

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