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Creating A Wellness Culture in the Workplace

The workplace has a significant impact on employee health. When wellness is emphasized, they feel better about their employer and themselves. This means that the workplace also benefits when a culture of wellness is promoted. Workers tend to be more productive and have fewer absences when their health is improved. Clearly, it’s in the best […]

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Why Flexible Scheduling Might Help Employee – and Company – Health

While more companies are beginning to offer flexible scheduling options, the traditional 8:30 to 5:00 workday remains the standard. Employers tend to feel that keeping workers on identical, fixed schedules is easier for everyone. However, evidence suggests that flexible scheduling is healthier for employees and their employers.

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Why You Should Encourage Employees to Soak Up the Summer 

Encourage Employees to Soak Up the Summer

The work culture in America appears to place a premium on the employee who comes in early, goes home late and doesn’t vacation. However, studies suggest that this employee isn’t so much a candidate for a promotion as they are for a heart attack. The bottom line is that taking vacation time is vital not […]

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Women: Know the Health Risks of Long Working Hours

Women's Health Risks

The downsides to working late are very obvious to many people: less time spent relaxing with friends and family, less time spent on hobbies or enjoyable activities, less time focusing on mental health and stress-relief, and less time for sleeping, exercising, and eating well, all of which are essential for maintaining health. But now there’s evidence […]

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Taking a Holistic Approach to Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness

Wellness permeates every layer of a person. It goes far beyond the physical, into emotional, mental and spiritual needs, and extends from the personal to professional life. In fact, as much as we may try to completely separate private matters from the those of the workplace, every conscientious employer knows that this is not only […]

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How Companies Can Help Employees Achieve Work-Life Balance

Happy Workers

Of all the challenges employees face, work life balance is among the hardest. With April being Work Life Enrichment Month and Stress Awareness Month, we found it fitting to address the subject and provide viable solutions for companies like yours to provide to employees hoping to stress less and breathe more. Here are some of […]

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