Research Shows Workplace Wellness Programs can Cut Short-Term Disability Claims & Employee Absences

Workplace Wellness

More great news for fans of workplace wellness looking to prove that it really does have a valuable ROI: recent data is supporting just that, showing that an effective workplace wellness program can cut short-term disability claims and lower employee absenteeism.

The catch? For programs to really be effective, top management needs to buy-in.

Read up on the study details to find out why an investment in workplace wellness is a wise one.

Workplace Wellness & Short-Term Disability

The data supporting workplace wellness comes from CarMax L.L.C., a company based out of Richmond, Virginia.

After noticing a link between risk of metabolic syndrome (affecting 28.1% of their 22,500 employees) and length, prevalence, and costs of short-term disability claims, CarMax decided to take action by developing a workplace wellness program.

Since metabolic syndrome is the group of conditions including high blood sugar, blood pressure, and high cholesterol, the most effective workplace wellness programs include biometric screenings for these conditions, as well as health risk assessments.

CarMax found that medical costs for short-term disability claimants exhibiting signs of metabolic syndrome were 9% higher on average than those without symptoms. In their workplace wellness program, they sought to target cholesterol, high blood pressure, BMI, and other signs of metabolic issues.

The result? Just one year of the program lowered employee risk for metabolic syndrome by 4%, netting $140,000 in savings due to absenteeism.

Measuring Components of Success

CarMax insiders say that a big part of the program’s effectiveness stemmed from the company’s ability to clearly determine Key Performance Indicators that would be used to measure success. These KPIs included ROI on health risks and short term disability costs. By articulating this, leaders were more able to get financial departments and risk management teams on board.

Lower Your Claim Costs & Improve Employee Health

If you’d like to lower costs associated with metabolic syndrome, including short term disability claims, partner with Test Smartly Labs. Our wellness-certified locations are equipped to provide workplace wellness assistance, including program design and evaluation, biometric screenings, Health Risk Assessments, and more.

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