Tips for Encouraging Your Employees to be Less Sedentary

In our last post, we shared some troubling statistics about how small businesses are slow to embrace workplace wellness trends.

One wellness initiative that small businesses could easily implement? Encouraging their employees to be a little less sedentary.

As our last post explored, the sedentary lifestyle can contribute to a number of health concerns, including obesity, cancer, and heart disease.

We’re sharing our top tips for helping your workplace practice a more non-sedentary lifestyle.

Tips for a Non-Sedentary Workplace

Non-Traditional DesksStanding Desk

Today, many jobs require the use of a computer, which leads to a fairly sedentary day. By giving your workers some non-traditional options for desks, though, you can combat the effects of being sedentary for long periods.

Standing desks and treadmill desks are growing in popularity in many workplaces. As a small business owner, you may not be able to invest in non-traditional options for all your employees, but you can purchase 1 or 2 and invite your workforce to rotate in and out. Thanks to laptops, workers are fairly mobile and can share these non-sedentary desk options.

Designated Dance Party

One surefire way to get your employees off their chairs? Have a designated time each week (or day, if you want!) for a little office dance party. Have each department rotate as DJs so that all musical tastes are represented, from 90s pop to R&B to oldies to classic rock. Then, tell your employees to report to the common area at a certain time — maybe 2 to stave off that mid-afternoon slump — and boogie down for 10 minutes or so! At first, your employees may have to adjust to the new task, but even if they’re not getting down, it’s a victory if they’ve gotten up.

On-Site Fitness Centers or Partnerships

Another way to encourage your employees to be less sedentary is to have your own on-site exercise equipment. Offering your employees the option to work out on their lunch break works well because it’s convenient; it also shows that you care about their wellness.

If on-site equipment isn’t feasible for financial reasons or space limitations, consider forming a partnership with a local gym. You can pay for your employees’ gym memberships, or at least work out a deal with the gym for a lower rate.

Walking Meetings

Employees may find it difficult to squeeze in non-sedentary time into their day between all their projects and meetings. Make it easier for them by having walking meetings rather than conducting all business in the boardroom. A nearby park can function as your conference room as long as your meeting only requires your brains.

Incorporate Workplace Wellness With Test Smartly Labs

Test Smartly Labs can be your workplace wellness partner and strategize many ways to make your workers less sedentary. We can also conduct lab screenings to give your workers benchmark data on their cholesterol, blood sugar, and more. Find your nearest location today to start planning your initiatives.

To get started on workplace wellness for your small business, find your nearest wellness-certified Test Smartly Labs today!


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