Teamwork! Tips for building team spirit

The working environment is a huge factor in employee motivation. The work atmosphere influences how efficient and productive your employees are.

teamwork spirit at work

Think about your work environment. Is it good? Do employees relate well with each other? Do coworkers handle conflict in healthy ways and work together to solve problems? There are many factors in a healthy work environment. Teamwork is one vital part of a productive workplace.

All workplaces have unique structure. Coworkers are separated into groups and departments. It can be a challenge to unite a group of coworkers. Strong workplace teamwork can build morale and boost the mood.

So, how do we start building a spirit of teamwork in the workplace?

1. Promote communication

Good communication is a key pillar of an effective work environment. Encouraging two-way communication among coworkers and across department lines, developing a strong communication network, and adopting an open-door policy sets the stage for teamwork. Solid communication demonstrates that everyone can contribute to the discussion and to the work at hand.

2. Empower employees

Empower your team members to make decisions. Support your team by showing them that they play a valuable part in the growth of the business. Empowered team members are more likely to be responsible for their role. Empowered employees feel like they are valuable to the success of the business — this attitude is one part of a healthy workplace.

3. Create teams and nurture team spirit

What are your current teams? Maybe you don’t have clear teams — or maybe you have several crossed department teams. Take time to analyze the structure of your departments. Maybe you can form a team within one department. You might want to create a think tank team consisting of individuals in multiple departments. Sort out the details and introduce the idea with enthusiasm — team members will pick up and reflect your attitude.

Remember to think about your organizational culture. One workplace might have energetic teams while another might have more reserved and goal-oriented teams. Work with your culture in mind as you focus on teamwork.


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