Diabetes in the Workplace: A Guide for Employers

diabetes-guide-employersIt’s November, and that means it is National Diabetes Month. National Diabetes Month is a wonderful opportunity to raise diabetes workplace awareness and to understand diabetes rights. Employers can use National Diabetes Month to learn more about the disease and to ensure that their policies are in line with diabetes rights.

Learn More During National Diabetes Month

It is important for employers to understand that people who have diabetes may have episodes of dangerously high or low blood sugar. While there is no cure, the condition can be managed. When it comes to diabetes workplace awareness, it’s important for employers to know that people with diabetes can be productive and reliable workers.

Understanding Diabetes Rights

Perhaps the most important thing that an employer can learn during National Diabetes Month is that workers with this condition are protected under ADA. Accordingly, diabetes rights do not permit employers to make hiring and firing decisions based on a diabetes diagnosis alone. Diabetes rights do not require an employee to disclose their condition, nor do they make it permissible for an interviewer to ask questions about a diabetes diagnosis.

Diabetes Workplace Management

People with diabetes will need to test their blood glucose levels and administer appropriate treatments. Diabetes rights ensure that workers have the power to do this. Diabetes workplace treatments are usually straightforward. An insulin injection or a fruit juice drink is often all that is necessary to deal with either high or low blood sugar. Accordingly, diabetes workplace management should rarely interfere with necessary tasks.

Diabetes Workplace Accommodations

It is important to understand during National Diabetes Month that the law requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for employees with diabetes. A worker who discloses their condition should be granted reasonable accommodations to enable successful management of the condition in the workplace.

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