Diabetes Prevention & Awareness: Helping Your Employees Stay Healthy

The office is a great place for diabetes prevention to begin. The Centers for Disease Control recently published a study from Ohio State University showing that employees who joined workplace wellness programs were more successful at losing weight than employees who merely received diabetes prevention guidelines. That’s good news for employers who want to ensure a healthy workplace.

Here’s how you can bring diabetes prevention into your workplace!

Diabetes Prevention & Your Workplace

Defining Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes is a condition in which the body struggles with too-high levels of sugar. Type 1 diabetes occurs in children whose bodies don’t produce insulin. Type 2 diabetes occurs in adults whose bodies do not use insulin properly. It’s this form of the disease that is of most concern to employers.

Risk factors for developing Type 2 diabetes include being overweight, leading a sedentary lifestyle and eating an unhealthy diet. Many people don’t engage in diabetes prevention methods soon enough, which can lead to serious complications.

How Can Employers Help with Diabetes Prevention

The first step toward diabetes prevention involves testing for employees. This provides information regarding which employees are at-risk and which are already dealing with this disease.

Employers can help all workers with diabetes prevention by providing healthy foods in vending machines and whenever food is provided. They may also look for ways to help employees deal with stress, such as yoga classes and meditation, which can lower high blood pressure, a risk factor for diabetes.

Diabetes prevention also includes regular exercise. Employers can help with gym memberships or provide fitness facilities on site. Frequently, company management incentivizes routine healthcare appointments and encourages workers to adopt a healthy work/life balance.

Prevent Diabetes with Workplace Wellness

With some or all of these measures in place, diabetes prevention in the workplace becomes an obtainable goal. Test Smartly Labs can help your workplace implement effective diabetes prevention, including a workplace wellness program involving biometric screening. Our pre-diabetes and diabetes lab testing can help your employees monitor their health and stay aware of their risk of the disease.

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