DNA Profiling Benefits For Your Employees

DNA profiles are helpful for myriad reasons including paternity proof, knowing whether twins are fraternal or identical, adoption, immigration reasons and criminal justice. However, we are focusing on how these profiles help companies and their employees.

Companies frequently use DNA profiling to validate employee identification. These tests are especially common and very important to organizations that send employees to different areas of the world that may be dangerous, including companies that contract their services in support of military operations. 

What is DNA Profiling?

DNA profiling allows individuals to obtain a record of their genetic profile. This is also referred to as genetic typing. A DNA profile is a result of the analysis of a sequence of markers found in a person’s DNA. Every person is made up of 99.9% identical human DNA sequences, only 0.1% difference identifies us as the individuals we are. We have so many DNA sequences that the 0.1% makes a huge impact.

Employee Identification

One of the reasons for a DNA profile is one employers hope to never use — to identify deceased workers. If your work is constantly traveling, DNA profiling can be a beneficial tool in a worst case scenario. Companies worldwide use employee DNA profiles when there are no other physical means of identification. Some global work organizations that may benefit from DNA profiles include:

  • War-torn country relief aid
  • Teaching in certain countries
  • Military contractors
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Peace Corp

Disadvantages of DNA Profiles

  • New DNA profiling technologies can give incorrect results, due to errors like cross-contamination of samples.
  • Older DNA profiling technologies are more prone to errors, which can give false-negative or false-positive results.
  • DNA profiles can only offer statistical probability, rather than absolute certainty.
  • The more people tested, the lower the statistical probability.
  • DNA databases stored on the computer are vulnerable to exploitation via hackers.

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