Celebrate National Drug Free Work Week!

National Drug Free Work Week is a great chance to remind and educate employees about drug free workplace policies. It’s a time to discuss the negative effects drug abuse have on an environment. It’s also a time to offer support and talk about resources for kicking drug addiction.

Drug Free Work Week activities include a five step approach. The first is a written policy prohibiting drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace. The second is access to assistance through rehabilitation and treatment resources. The third is employee education.

Fourth is supervisor training and the fifth is drug testing. Forbidding drugs in the workplace is only one step but a start nonetheless. Giving employees the help that they need to recover from drug abuse is of equal importance.

Drug Free Work Week offers the perfect opportunity to discuss and come up with a plan for creating a safe, healthy, drug free environment for everyone who works for, provides for, and uses your company for its products and services. The end result is a better, more comfortable place to work for all. Productivity increases, absenteeism decreases, and accidents become less of a problem for you and your employees.

Regular drug screening after Drug Free Work Week helps identify people with drug abuse problems. It helps you maintain a drug free work environment throughout the year not just Drug Free Work Week. It gives you the opportunity to choose dialogue that supports, encourages, and rehabilitates employees with drug addiction so that your company remains drug free.

Drug Free Work Week is the perfect time to emphasize the positives of a drug free work environment. In addition to greater productivity, a drug free workplace provides a greater level of comfort and safety for all employees, vendors, and customers. It’s one of the best ways to protect everything you’ve worked so hard to build for yourself, your employees, customers, and community.

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