If You’re Hiring Seasonal Workers, Don’t Make This Mistake.

November 1 unofficially marks the start of the holiday season for many people — including businesses. As consumers gear up for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas, retailers and others are also preparing for the busy weeks ahead.

If your company or small business is hiring seasonal workers, keep in mind that though their time may be short, they can have a long-term impact on your business. Be sure you’re taking the right precautions when it comes to vetting seasonal workers, including drug testing.

Why do we recommend drug testing for seasonal workers? Read more below!

Why Drug Testing for Seasonal Employees?

Keep the Holidays Safe, Merry, & Bright

Test Smartly Labs | If You're Hiring Seasonal Workers, Don't Make This Mistake.One of the many perks of drug testing is that it lowers the rate of on-site accidents and fatalities. While you may not be concerned about accidents at your retail storefront, keep in mind that other seasonal workers, such as the people that stock inventory in your warehouse, may be operating forklifts, trucks, and other equipment that shouldn’t be used when under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Furthermore, some seasonal workers, like Santa and his elves at the mall, may come into close contact with children. Whenever your seasonal workers are in safety-sensitive positions or roles that require proximity to children or other customers, we recommend drug testing.

Lower Costs

Drug testing can actually help offset the costs of hiring and training seasonal workers. Since drug testing seasonal workers lowers your liability, you can speak with your insurance provider to negotiate a lower rate. The decreased rate of on-site accidents and injuries will also lower the number of worker’s compensation claims, saving you more!

Increase Potential for Long-Term Hires

Though seasonal workers are transient in nature, wouldn’t be ideal if instead of hiring a new batch of employees each year, you could find seasonal workers you can rely on to fill more long-term roles? By drug testing your seasonal workers, you identify employees who could move into full-time positions, or at the very least who you could hire again the following holiday season depending on their availability. This will save you time and money when it comes to seeking, hiring, and training seasonal workers.

You should also bear in mind that substance abusers share details about who conducts drug testing for seasonal workers, and who does not, by word of mouth and by online forums — so if you’re one of the businesses in the “no” category, you could end up attracting seasonal workers who abuse drugs or alcohol.

Drug Testing for Seasonal Workers

Ready to take the right step and conduct drug testing on your seasonal workers? Located nationwide, Test Smartly Labs provides drug testing services to businesses and individuals. We can help you create and implement a drug testing program for your seasonal workers.

To get started, find your nearest Test Smartly Labs today!


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