10 Simple Changes for a Healthier Workplace

Life at the office often gets complicated. We all need the occasional reminder to keep things simple. So, here are some quick tips for creating a better workplace.

keep it simple office1) Sit on an exercise ball

Sitting on an exercise ball at your desk will reduce lower back pain. As you engage your core to stay balance, you will see improved posture, balance and core muscle strength.

2) Invest in a better workstation

You might be surprised by how much your desk, computer and keyboard setup affects your health. Look for an ergonomic keyboard to reduce shoulder, wrist, neck and hand pain. Design workstations that encourage natural and healthy body position.

3) Organize walking meetings

Encourage wellness and creativity by organizing walking meetings for your teams. Walking can stimulate your thoughts and encourage open discussion.

4) Walk at lunch

Block half of your lunch period for a walk around town. Ask a coworker to join you. The fresh air will rejuvenate you for the afternoon.

5) Clean your work space regularly

Set aside half an hour each week to clean your office, desk or cubicle. Keeping your space organized and clean will make work more productive and keep your stress levels down.

6) Provide hand sanitizer

Clients, customers and employees are constantly in contact with each other. Make sure they aren’t passing sickness by placing hand sanitizer throughout the office.

7) Provide cleaning supplies

Encourage employees to clean their spaces often by providing cleaning wipes.

8) Bike to work

Biking to work is a great option if you live within a few miles of work. If not, park far away and walk to the office.

9) Provide healthy snacks

Set a good example by stocking the office with healthy snacks. Keep granola bars, apples, dried fruits and nuts around the office for employees to snack on during the day.

10) Start team sports

Ask employees what they’d want to play and set up a game of soccer, softball or another sport at a nearby park.

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