4 Fun Ways to Encourage Your Employees to Get Fit

Some people naturally gravitate toward a fit lifestyle. For those who don’t, the battle for fitness is an ongoing one.

While the decision to be healthier is largely an individual one, there are things that employers can do to encourage their workers.

If you’d like to improve employee fitness, give these four methods a try.

Improving Employee Fitness – the Fun Way!

1. Participate in a Corporate Challenge

When it comes to employee fitness, some friendly competition can help. Organize a challenge that pits departments against each other or that calls for workers to square off against management. Make the challenge anything from which team can run the most miles in a month to which team’s members visit the gym most often.

Many people have enough competitiveness lurking in them to be willing to join in this employee fitness challenge. Depending on where your company is based, you may even be able to join an organized fitness challenge that pits your group against other organizations.

2. Participate in a Sports League

Sports can be a big part of any employee fitness plan. Softball, baseball, kickball, basketball and more are all possibilities. Your company’s team could play against other corporate teams in the region. Participants have so much fun that they don’t realize they are also taking part in an employee fitness effort.

3. Try Physical Team-Building Activities

Why not combine employee fitness ideas with activities that will build your workers into a more cohesive unit? Ropes courses and other physical challenges present marvelous opportunities to work together while also working up a sweat. Everyone will probably enjoy the experience and might even be encouraged to be more active.

4. Bring in an Instructor

Group exercise classes inspire feelings of camaraderie while also building employee fitness levels. Try Zumba, step aerobics, kickboxing or another high-energy class that doesn’t require much in the way of equipment. All of these classes burn tremendous calories, work up a sweat and come with an atmosphere of fun.

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