5 Rules of Engagement: Engaging Millennials in Wellness

Workplace wellness - Healthy millennials

When it comes to fostering employee fitness, motivation is key.

If millennials aren’t as engaged in your wellness program as others, then you’re not alone. Use these five rules to engage younger workers in employee fitness.

1. Authenticity

Millennials are suspicious of marketing ploys and pre-packaged goals. They’d rather see images that genuinely represent them in addition to being able to set individual goals. Don’t use a lot of hard-to-follow jargon, opting for a straight-to-the-point delivery instead.

2. Focus on Total Employee Fitness

Millennials already exercise once a week. Moreover, they’re more focused on achieving balance than they are on other goals. This means that if you want to engage them in an employee fitness program, you have to offer components that focus on emotional, social and financial well-being as well as physical health.

3. Incorporate an App

More than any other generation, millennials are devoted to mobile technology like smart phones. If they can’t access something through their phone or smartwatch, they likely won’t engage with it. Choose an employee fitness program that incorporates an app to ensure millennial engagement.

4. Optimize Convenience

In line with the millennial obsession with mobility is their insistence on convenience. The easier an employee fitness program is to incorporate into their lives, the more likely they are to engage. Accordingly, it’s essential for wellness programs to be easy to sign up for and flexible enough to accommodate anyone’s schedule.

5. Recruit Cheerleaders

Millennials trust recommendations of friends, peers and family. This makes it critical to enlist a group of “champions” of the employee fitness program who promote it with positive word of mouth.

Getting millennials involved in a wellness program may seem like an uphill battle. However, with these five rules of engagement, you’ll soon see a turnaround in their level of participation.

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