5 Tips on Holding a Weight Loss Challenge at Work for Diet Resolution Week

Weight loss is among the most popular resolutions. It’s also especially difficult to keep, especially for those who diet alone. Nonetheless, weight loss can lead to significant health improvement. Organizing a weight loss challenge at work is easier than you think. Use these steps to motivate workers to try a new diet.

1. Look at the Calendar

You’ll need a minimum of two to six months to see any significant weight loss and health improvement. To maintain health, doctors recommend weight loss of between one and two pounds each week. You can match the diet challenge to the first months of the year.

2. Prepare to Measure Body Fat Percentages

Tracking pounds lost isn’t the best option for this diet project. Instead, have each participant’s body fat percentage measured at the beginning and end of the weight loss period. This is more accurate because pounds lost could be water weight. Plus, people who exercise may add muscle, which will make them weigh more.

3. Choose Between Individual and Team Weight Loss

It may be more efficient for large organizations to form weight loss teams. Smaller companies will prefer individual participants. If you’ll be using teams, aim to have the same number of members on each one.

4. Involve Management

Encourage supervisors and managers to participate in the diet challenge. This sets an example for workers at all levels. Even if management won’t be participating, it’s still important to get their approval. Most managers are happy to do anything to improve employee health.

5. Advertise for Health

The more people who participate in this diet challenge, the greater number of people that will experience the health benefits. Use fliers, emails and announcements to promote the contest, and make certain people understand how their health could improve with a more nutritious diet.

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