5 Ways to Promote Nutrition in the Workplace

A healthier workplace depends upon many factors like exercise and better eating habits. Management can encourage better nutrition by taking a common-sense approach in the workplace. Healthy eating is no accident, and it’s more likely to occur with some workplace promotion.

1. Make Good Nutrition an Easy Choice

When all that’s within reach is unhealthy, that’s what workers will eat. Providing healthy eating options like fresh fruit and vegetables is a great way to steer people toward better nutrition choices. Give employees free healthy eating choices once a week.

2. Try Healthy Eating Education

Many people aren’t aware of new food pyramid recommendations. Working with outdated guidelines ensures that the workplace isn’t as healthy as it could be. Sponsor a nutrition seminar to get employees started with healthy eating.

3. Reinforce Lunch Breaks

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but lunch is a close second. Too many workers either don’t take full advantage of their lunch break. You can promote healthy eating habits by encouraging employees to move away from their workstation for a full hour. They can use the time to eat a meal that’s packed with good nutrition.

4. Equip the Kitchen

Too many workplace kitchens are not set up to accommodate the ability to prepare a healthier meal or snack. When the kitchen is disorganized, poorly equipped and inconvenient, people are far more inclined to run out for fast food. Update the kitchen in your workplace to accommodate preparation and heating of healthier foods.

5. Start a Nutrition Challenge

The competitive members of your workforce won’t be able to resist a challenge for weight loss or to see which department can incorporate the most produce into their weekly diet. A healthy eating challenge may be what you need to get the ball rolling.

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