Avoiding Sickness at Work

If you work in an office, you’re familiar with the office bug. You probably remember a recent time when all of your coworkers were either home sick or sneezing and sniffling their way through the halls.

sick coworker man

The office bug seems to make its way through the office at lightning speed.

The next time you notice sickness spreading through your halls, check our guidelines for staying healthy when your coworkers are feeling under the weather.

Avoid Sickness at Work

  1. Focus on vitamins– Increase your vitamin intake to see improved health. Increase your vitamin D intake by eating salmon, milk and eggs. Add citrus fruits to your daily diet to get a vitamin C boost.
  2. Keep it clean– Germs at the office spread faster than you think. Keep wipes at hand and wipe down your phone, computer, keyboard, light switch, chair and desk.
  3. Become a yogi– People that practice yoga report a greater sense of peace. Staying calm will help you sleep better, which will help you focus at work and block off illness.
  4. Wash your hands– This simple piece of advice will always ring true. Most people don’t wash their hands the right way. To wash the right way, wet your hands under running water, rub soap on all parts of your hands for 20 seconds, and rinse. Then dry with air or a clean towel.
  5. Get some space– When your sick coworkers are still at the office, there is no harm in making some space. Step out for lunch or an afternoon walk. If you can work from home, consider that alternative.

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