How to Beat Stress and Increase Productivity with a Summer Vacation

The place of a summer vacation in reducing stress and increasing output in today’s corporate world cannot be overemphasized. The work culture is shifting. Employees are spending longer hours on the job with the aim of accomplishing more, but the truth remains that spending extra hours at work without vacation does not really increase productivity.

Researchers have shown that the productivity of every worker is directly proportional to the energy available for the job. If you don’t take the right steps to replenish your energy when it is drained, your work will suffer. Summer vacation is one sure way of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle which in turn improves your productivity at work.

workers enjoying summer vacation Stuck in a workaholic cycle?

A lack of energy is a vicious cycle. When you wake up earlier than normal to run through your email or sleep in late because you had to finish one last assignment, you deny your body the ability to rejuvenate and replace lost energy while you sleep.

In order to be productive at work, you need to give your body adequate rest, exercise, and good nutrition. One of the surest ways to beat stress is to include regular periods of rest during the day and to place exercise in your daily routine. It is difficult to rest and have regular exercise when you have lots of work to do. Sometimes you get stuck in the “workaholic” cycle. A summer vacation helps you refresh. Taking a break from the daily routine allows you to refocus.

Boost your energy

Taking a summer vacation will increase your energy levels. While on vacation you get to call the shots. Do you want to go mountain biking every day? Would you rather rest in the mornings and visit with friends and family every evening? No matter what you choose to do, you’ll notice a boost of energy.

A summer vacation is the perfect time to concentrate on your health, too. Pick up your old tennis racket and experiment in the kitchen with new healthy recipes. Take a chance and let these healthy habits last after you go back to work.

Take your mind off work

Most of us make the mistake of believing that the more time we spend working, the more we are likely to accomplish. However, taking time off the clock can increase your productivity. When you step away from the office, you may be surprised by the ways you’re inspired. A vacation might be just what you need to break up the monotony of the days at work or motivate you to finish up a project when you return.

Keep stress levels low

Not only will a summer vacation increase your efficiency at work when you return, but it will go a long way in reducing stress and fatigue. A summer vacation isn’t a lazy idea. In fact, it might be the best decision for you and your health.

Keeping your workplace well

Summer vacations are just one way to encourage employees to prioritize their health and wellness.  Wellness tests also allow your employees to monitor their own health by using affordable tests from Test Smartly Labs. If you’d like more information about how we can help your employees, contact your local Test Smartly Labs location.


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