Benefits of Women’s Health Screening at Every Age

Regular health exams and tests can help find problems before they get started and locate them when your chances for treatment and cure are better. By getting the right health screenings at all ages, you are taking steps that help your odds for living a longer, healthier life. 

Why Are Checkups Important?

Your age, health, family history, lifestyle choices and other important factors impact what and how often you need health care.  A woman’s health depends on a lot of factors and every woman should make time for healthy habits like regular exercise, stress management, and choosing healthy foods. She should also be scheduling routine health screenings so potential problems can be spotted early. In fact, health screenings can make keeping on top of your health simple and routine.

At What Age Should Women Start Testing?

Here are some important health tests that women should be focusing on and at what age they should start taking them:

  • Blood pressure screening.- Starting at age 18, every woman needs to have her blood pressure checked at least every two years.
  • Cholesterol Check– Women should have their cholesterol checked at least every five years starting at about age 20.
  • Pap smears and pelvic exams- At age 21, or earlier if you are sexually active, women need to have a pelvic exam and Pap smear every two years
  • Bone density screen- Women should start getting screened for osteoporosis with a bone density test at age 65.
  • Mammograms and breast exams- Starting around age 20, women should have a clinical breast exam at least every three years until age 40 and then done annually.
  • Blood glucose tests- Women should get a blood glucose test every three years starting at age 45 to test for diabetes or pre-diabetes.

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