Break the Fast, Eat Breakfast

It’s 7 am.  Your alarm seems louder than ever, even though it’s just as loud as the day before.  You get up, stumble to the bathroom, and look hazily into the mirror before hopping in the shower.  By the time you get in the car for your morning commute, you’re not fully awake and when you’ve finally arrived at your office, you’re still not fully awake.  The work day is long, and the morning is particularly brutal as well as unproductive.  You’re constantly looking for ways to not get off to such a poor start.  Maybe you should try this new thing called breakfast.

Don’t be this lady at work.

Reasons Why to eat Breakfast

LIVESTRONG offers some reasons why breakfast is the most important meal of the day:

Improved concentration:  Hunger affects your mood, concentration and alertness, which can be a detriment when you’re trying to tackle your to-do list. Eating a healthy breakfast that mixes whole grains, low-fat protein and dairy and fruits and vegetables helps improve your concentration and focus, allows you to stay productive through lunch.

More Energy:  If you skip breakfast, it’s possible that you could be going up to 12 hours or longer without any food. By this point, your muscles need more glycogen, for energy. The longer you go without eating, the more glycogen your muscles use, and the less energy you have.

Nutrition:  Eating breakfast gives you a jump-start on meeting your nutritional requirements for the day, and also gets you on the path to making more healthy choices.

A huge case for not eating breakfast may be time.  We’re constantly on the move and breakfast becomes less of a priority.  The thing is, breakfast doesn’t have to be three buttermilk pancakes, two scrambled eggs, bacon, a cup of mixed fruit, and coffee (as appetizing as that may sound).  The key is eating something each morning to get your mind going.

What you should eat for breakfast

If time is your excuse for not eating breakfast, Fitness Magazine has some suggestions for fast, healthy, eating options, for example:

Quick Breakfast Fix: Dannon Light ‘n Fit Smoothie Carb & Sugar Control Mixed Berry and South Beach Diet High Protein Cereal Bar Peanut Butter (210 calories, 15g protein, 28g carbohydrate, 5g fat (2g saturated), 3g fiber)

Why: The yogurt smoothie gives you bone-building calcium and the cereal bar packs plenty of protein, which will help curb your appetite all morning, says Lisa Hark, RD, PhD, director of the nutrition education program at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

Make the right choice.  Don’t slump to work.  Don’t be unproductive in the morning.  Eat a healthy breakfast, even if its quick.  It’s going to get your mind moving, you mood better, and your life healthier.




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  1. I can always tell the days that I decide to skip breakfast. I’m extra hungry later in the day and am irritable.

  2. Breakfast is the best part of my day… it get my body moving and gives me energy that my body can start using for the day. When i eat breakfast i just feel better during the whole day!

  3. I have found that something nutritional for breakfast is better than a donut or some food that won’t last more than an hour. Because of that I make sure I have granola bars in my house to eat on my drive to work. Right now I’m really loving KIND.

  4. My chiropractor tells me ALL OF THE TIME to eat breakfast! It truly is the most important meal of the day, once you start eating it you realize it.

  5. If you are really pressed for time in the morning, my suggestion is to make something the night before (or Sunday before work) that you can grab as you rush out the door. I find having something to eat significantly helps with my focus and concentration for the day.

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