Cholesterol Screening at Work?

Today we kick off a blog tour through some of the wellness tests involved in Employee Health Screens. On-site health screening services can be very convenient for large employers. Employee health screens allow you to help your employees know the state of their current health situation. By offering our services at your office, health screening becomes simple and easy. That way the “I don’t have time to go to the doctor” excuse can be ruled out. And remember:  healthy employees = healthy business.

Employee Health Screening:  Cholesterol

Foods that taste good ... often bring high cholesterol too.
We’ll start with explaining cholesterol tests. This is often a highly requested test by employees because it’s a common “buzz word” among food marketing groups and employees hear about it frequently. Many foods tout that they are heart-friendly or low in cholesterol, hoping to help one lower their cholesterol levels. However many employees are actually in the dark about this test and often have no idea what cholesterol really is or where it comes from.

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that is in every cell of the body. Everyone produces some cholesterol each day, however the typical American diet contains high levels of cholesterol that put us over the edge. Each person has “good” cholesterol and “bad” cholesterol. The good cholesterol comes taking care of the body properly – you know, doing things we all know we should be doing – eating healthy, not smoking and exercising. The bad cholesterol is the problem child and what causes many heart issues and health concerns.

Why Worry About Bad Cholesterol?

Bad cholesterol comes through the fatty foods we eat. Any food produced by an animal (and contains fat) has cholesterol. That’s why burgers, steaks, eggs, ice cream, and fried foods are “bad cholesterol city.” Sure they taste great, but having these foods as a staple in the diet can cause havoc on your body. Bad cholesterol will hang around in your arteries, can build up plaque in your heart, and cause major problems down the line.

Cholesterol Test for Employees

By offering your employees a cholesterol test, they can know if they are in healthy limits or at high risk for heart disease. Often times being tested is the first step toward a healthier lifestyle. A cholesterol test will give your employee a baseline (if they’ve never been tested), or it can help your employee monitor their progress. Cholesterol is something you CAN control and improve with diet & exercise, many employees are motivated to see results.

Cholesterol levels in a healthy range will prevent stroke, heart disease, heart attack, brain damage, memory problems and more. Plus, eating more low-cholesterol foods makes for a healthier person overall, which leads to you feeling and looking great. And the employee that looks great and feels great is an invaluable asset to your office.



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  1. This is something our Franchisees offers. Work place screening does go beyond drug and alcohol testing. Many people and business only think of testing as the occasional drug test or the pre-employment testing be we offer much more.

  2. Employee health screening is always a recommendation to my clients. It is also becoming more and more a part of obtaining health coverage. We all should know our cholesterol levels along with our family history.

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