Easy Workplace Wellness for Office-Bound Employees

Despite the necessity of earning a paycheck, working can be detrimental to your health. That’s especially true if you’re required to sit for hours.

While in this day and age, you may not be able to leave your computer behind, there are adjustments you can make to enhance your workplace wellness in an office setting.

Workplace Wellness for Office-Based Employees

1. Get a Standing Desk

Standing is far easier on the spine that sitting all day. It encourages better posture too. For even better workplace wellness, pair a treadmill with the standing desk. Gentle walking while working ensures that you get exercise even on the busiest day.

2. Try Mini Workouts in the Office

If you have the option of closing your office door, try some stretching and strength training exercises in the workplace. It only requires a few minutes, and you’ll feel so much better.

3. Choose the StairsStairs

Those who work on the top floor of a high rise may not be able to hike to the office every day, but it may be realistic to take the stairs in offices that are located on multiple floors. Say yes to the stairs whenever you can to get some extra movement into your day.

4. Go for a Walk

Walking is wonderful exercise for your body. It can also be a welcome mental break. Resolve to get outside each day, even if it’s only for 10 or 20 minutes. You’ll come back to the office feeling energized and ready to go. Get ready to enjoy a productive afternoon!

5. Invite a Friend

People who have a workout buddy tend to be a little more devoted to their exercise routine. That’s also true when you’re trying to be healthier in the workplace. Invite a coworker to join you in your office mini workout or on your walk. Exercise is always better when it’s shared.

Your Workplace Wellness Partner

Test Smartly Labs nationwide can be your workplace wellness partner. We provide workplace wellness assistance in the form of clinical testing, program creation and implementation, consulting, and more.

Get started on your corporate wellness program; call your nearest wellness-certified location today!


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