Finding the Energy to Get Through the Workday


Do you find yourself yawning and 2 PM? Slogging your way through the morning meeting? Needing a nap when you finally get home?

Finding the energy to make it through the workday can be difficult. Here are our tips for harnessing enough so you can get more done!

Energy Boosters for Your Workday

A Breakfast Full of Fiber & Protein

The old adage about breakfast being the most important meal of the day is no old wives’ tale. What you choose can have a big impact on your energy levels. When you choose fiber and protein to fuel your day, your stomach will feel full (read: less overeating!) and your blood sugar will get steady.

Opting for low-fiber grains leads to a spike in your blood sugar followed by a quick drop — and your energy levels follow the same path: sudden spike, sudden drop.

Dietitians recommend a meal like eggs and multigrain toast. Nuts are a great fiber- and protein-rich snack for midmorning, or can be a topping on yogurt and oatmeal.


Give Yourself a Break

You might think that if you’re lacking energy or feeling unproductive, you should keep your nose to your desk.

This isn’t true, though — when you’re burning out, giving yourself a few breaks can prevent total mental shutdown.

Studies from Louisiana State University found that employees that took a few short breaks through the day work more quickly and also make fewer mistakes than those who took 1-2 long breaks.

Snack Well

If you’re feeling hungry, you may be tempted to go to the nearest vending machine out of convenience. But those machines are full of simple carbohydrates and sugar, which again cause spikes in your blood sugar. Once it drops, your energy will drop too — and you’ll get hungry soon after, creating a vicious cycle that leads to overeating of empty calories.

Check out our tips for snacking healthy when at work to see what you should be reaching for when hunger strikes at your desk!

Need Energy? Take a Walk!

It might seem counter intuitive that you should get moving when you feel exhausted, but it turns out that walking can boost your energy.

One study found that taking a 10-minute walk gives workers more energy than eating a candy bar. Strolling to the water cooler, taking a walking meeting, or getting up to stretch can make a big difference in your day. We all know that sitting too long can take a big toll on our health, so it’s key that you get up and get moving!

Workplace Wellness With Test Smartly Labs

Your nearest Test Smartly Labs can provide workplace wellness assistance. Integrating corporate wellness initiatives into your company can help your employees get more energy, be more productive, and feel less stressed.

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