Flip flops in the workplace

Many love the Old Navy $1 flip flops. While they are easy on the budget (the WHOLE family can have shoes for under $10… well, unless you’re the Duggars) … they aren’t so great for your feet. At least for most of us.

According to a CBS News story,

Not only do the thin rubber soles give your feet zero arch support, your ankle is free to move about.

Wearing flip-flops, flats and other shoes that don’t provide arch support may contribute to your toe troubles.

If that foot is unbalanced or has a pronated or lower arch, that’s a foot that is begging for support. It is begging for that person not to gain weight. It’s begging for that person to keep their Achilles tendon stretched.

Read the full story on arch support & flip flops.

No Flip Flops in the Workplace?

If you’re looking for flip flops, look for some with decent arch support.

Unless you work in a creative industry, flip flops probably don’t even fly in your workplace. However educating employees on foot care and proper footwear can pay off in the end. While you don’t have to demand heels or even fancy shoes, you can also strongly discourage flip flops… and not just for professional reasons.

You might think that the footwear choices of your employees makes no difference to you. However a deeper look into the risks of improper support might have you thinking again. When your health premiums go up because employees visited foot & ankle specialists due to fungus, blisters, poor arch support, ankle sprains, cracked feet and more… you might think again. And while those $1 flip flops seemed like a great deal at the time – you might be paying for them later.



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  1. Wouldn’t this be great every Friday. Great article and good information.

  2. We are an Auto Repair Shop so for obvious reasons there are no Flip Flops allowed!

  3. Though people feel the ease with slipping into those $1 Old Navy flip flops they are missing out on having the support their feet need while they hustle around the office. Thank you for sharing this information!

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