Follow in Choice Hotels Workplace Wellness Footsteps

We love to see great examples of workplace wellness. Choice Hotels just received its 10th consecutive Workplace Excellence Award and Trailblazer Award from Alliance for Workplace Excellence (AWE), a nonprofit that recognizes workplaces that encourage wellness and are considered “great places to work.” This is definitely a company to follow and watch when it comes to setting up health & wellness initiatives in the workplace. So, how to they do it … and make it look so easy?

Read the Choice Hotels Receive Workplace Award press release.

Great workplace wellness tips

Some organizations offer employees a fitness center as part of wellness initiatives
While Choice Hotels didn’t exactly divulge their formula, leaders in the company indicated some of their strategies for becoming a great wellness community:

Dedicated teams for workplace wellness

Choice Hotels pointed to human resources & organizational development teams when commenting on their 10th consecutive award. This shows us that wellness isn’t an “add on” or “will get to it later” kind of job for the company. Dedicated teams are making it their priority to promote a healthy work environment. And it shows. By making this a specific task among teams and leaders, Choice Hotels is paving the way for workplace wellness initiatives.

On-board associates who are thriving

Choice Hotels also nodded to the associates when providing comment on their 10th consecutive award. Without buy-in from the associates, the organization wouldn’t have an award. Not only are associates on-board with wellness programs encouraged at work, but they’re thriving.

According to AWE, those who win the Trailblazing Award take part in these types of activities:  health risk assessments, employee health fairs, nutritional counseling, on-site fitness facilities, healthy food options, employee access to health professionals, wellness program incentives and education on healthy living. While we don’t know exactly what Choice Hotel offers, we do know that they’re offering great things and the employees are taking advantage of them.

Personal wellness at work, home & community

The true test of a wellness program is if it stays with an employee once they clock out and head home. Similar to teachers who hope their students retained the information just taught in class… workplace initiatives really work when they’re practiced at home. Choice Hotels thanked their employees for transferring their health & wellness activities from work to home and the community.

Choice Hotels is among a host of other great companies who have won similar awards for workplace wellness. Putting one’s health first isn’t a new idea, but we’re thrilled that many employers are now seeing the value of it and paving the way for businesses of all sizes to follow.



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