Fresh Fruit Tuesday

We just heard of a great idea coming from a growing international company: Fresh Fruit Tuesday! One of their co-workers gave us the inside scoop:

A wellness specialist offered some great ideas to the company about how to incorporate wellness strategies into the corporate daily life. I’m sure that hearing about the benefits to employee wellness like improved morale, healthier workers, and less absenteeism perked their interest. So, the company started to make changes! They’ve begun offering several classes for employees on health-related topics. Exercise is encouraged. And – they get Fresh Fruit Tuesdays!

Fruit at Work can Improve Employee Wellness
While you may think that offering employees fresh fruit is silly and won’t cut your health care costs – we actually would argue the alternative. You see, it’s a small step in the right direction. You can’t turn a yacht around quickly, neither can you make your employees healthier overnight. However small steps add up just like small turns of the helm, and eventually get you sailing in the right direction.

Benefits of Fruit?

Why fruit at the office? Well you can certainly offer other healthy options like whole grain breads, a variety of teas and more. But, fruit is fun, colorful and carries several health benefits. Plus, employees can even take extras home to their families and encourage healthy eating around their house, too. (Which if you offer family health coverage to your employees – this will also make a dent in your health care costs.) If you’re looking for a quick elementary refresher on some of the health benefits of fruit, read up:

Apples – It’s said that one each day keeps the doctor away. And there’s actually a lot of truth in that. Apples contain tons of soluble fiber (aids in digestion, keeps you full) and antioxidants. Learn more about the health benefits of apples.

Oranges – Ahh, the capital of Vitamin C. Not only is the juice of a fresh orange yummy, but it’s also packed with stuff to keep you well. Plus, oranges have pectin which is great if you’re trying to lose weight. Learn more about the health benefits of oranges!

Bananas -This yummy fruit is so popular because it’s packed with sugar, which is a nice way to get an energy boost during the day. Plus, bananas are said to help with digestive issues, as well as prevent kidney disease. They’re obviously known for their potassium, but have many other health benefits, too.

Berries- Depending on the berry you choose, you are opening up a world of health benefits. In general, berries are known to carry vitamins and antioxidants. Additionally, certain berries are known for helping prevent cancers, improving vision and even preventing bladder disease. Learn more about berries.

How to Offer Fresh Fruit for your Employees

Sold yet? Well if you’re entertaining the idea (or having something like it), here are some helpful links to get you there:

(By the way, go Aussies!! We found several companies delivering fresh fruit to workplaces around Australia!)

Nationwide Fresh Fruit Deliveries to Workplaces

In Southern California? Try the Fruit Route!

Fresh 2 Desk is kicking it in the Kansas City area.

Near Seattle? Try Market Fresh Fruit.

(Some franchised groups also deliver the “fruit baskets” but that’s a little different than the fresh fruit deliveries for wellness.)

Did we miss any? Please let us know and we’ll add to the list!!

Need a referral in your area? Call a wellness center to find out if there are any companies near you!

And is it working?

Last off – want to know if your wellness initiatives are paying off? You can always send your employees for wellness tests, the true measure of if Fresh Fruit Tuesday (or any other wellness program) is paying off.



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